It’s hard for Christy to remember when she first discovered her love for music.  Beginning with dance lessons at age 3, it was her ballet teacher who encouraged Christy’s parents to enroll her in piano lessons when she was 6 years old to further develop her musicality.  While taking traditional piano lessons throughout childhood, she began composing her own music and entering song-writing contests, one of which she won a national competition.

      Her musical studies during her teenage years were focused on classical violin and voice, for which she was awarded dual music scholarships to Biola University in Southern California.  After completing two years at Biola as a music major in violin performance, she finished her undergraduate studies at Boise State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, and a minor emphasis in music.

      Also a talented singer, Christy has studied several years with celebrity vocal coaches whose primary focus on “The Mix” technique trains singers to develop their entire range by seamlessly connecting vocal registers with a balanced coordination for achieving a commercial sound.

      Christy enjoys sharing music with others and believes that all people are deeply musical and deserve to reach their potential to be musically self-expressed.  She is committed to providing an excellent broad-based entry level music education to her students and hopes to instill a deeper love for music to all who enter her studio.

Evidential Music Studio - featuring a gorgeous Yamaha 6-foot C3 Grand