This is Sijal who recently started taking lessons at Evidential Music Studio. Here she is playing her first song "Dreams Come True" at the beginning of her second lesson. What is especially impressive is that at this point, she did not yet even have a piano or keyboard to practice on at home. Instead, she was able to utilize the tools provided at her lesson and in her student materials to apply everything she had learned. Prior to this, she had no previous playing experience on piano.

This video above was recorded at the beginning of her second lesson.

Welcome to the studio, Sijal! You're showing so much progress already!

Here's a 6-year old student of Evidential Music studio, playing a variation of the song Night Storm. At this point he'd been taking for only 2.5 months (with no previous lessons).

How many 7 year-olds do you hear playing the blues? Here she is after just 2.5 months of lessons at Evidential Music Studio (no previous experience or lessons).

Please enjoy this original song, "Have Mercy" written by Christy Brown. Arranged and produced by her husband Billy. Together they share their music as husband and wife duo, Closer Still.

Christy Brown playing Original Composition, "My Shadow's Smile"

Christy Brown playing "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (Jazz style)